Dinesh karthik

Dinesh Karthik (born June 1, 1985) is an Indian cricket team wicket-keeper.He is a batsman who first appeared in year 2004. He captained the Kolkata Knight Riders before the 2018 season of the Indian Premier League until 16 October 2020.Dinesh Karthik was one of the wicket-keepers tested by India during the Ganguly Indian cricket season before the arrival of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However, having been in and out of the Indian team and with the few opportunities he had, he has done well behind the ranks and bat.

Rising Player – Dinesh Karthik

After rising to the level of cricket for the senior team, Dinesh Karthik started making the list of candidates after thousands of years in 2002/03 of the Tamil Nadu under-19 team. The runs ended at the end of the season, but voters decided to give him a chance to doubt and he was called up to the national team after Parthiv Patel was axed for his unreliable glove.

Karthik came out in public when he first looked at India in ODIs as a 19-year-old in late 2004. A blurry picture of Karthik flying in an uproar to seduce Michael Vaughan in the Lord has been embedded in the mindset of modern Indian cricket aficionados ever since.

He was awarded a Test debut at a track mine in Mumbai in late 2004 against Australia. However, a series of low prices have made some strikers-batsmen on the edge. After the emergence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Karthik returned to the sidelines as a standout player but failed to bring down Dhoni in the wicket-keeping position. The highlight of his career came when Karthik, who replaced the Sehwag on the 2007 trip to England as a freshman. Demonstrating resilience, with no spirit in adverse conditions, he finished the Test series as the first to run in India, before big names like Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, and Sachin Tendulkar, who played a key role in giving India the victory of the tough series.

The retention of Dinesh Karthik

However, required much work; It was a mistake that led to his settlement on the side of Tamil Nadu. However, a special training camp at the end of the season under former Indian goalkeeper Kiran More has helped him improve his technique and as a result, he has also become a professional and reliable wicket keeper. He came back in 2006 after Dhoni’s retirement, and later found a place as an innocent batsman following the poor form of beating other Indian players. However, he had another dip in form and the return of Virender Sehwag form means Karthik was out of playing XI again.

With the opening combination established and Dhoni already in the band, Karthik’s chances were slim. However, he made a mistake with the chances he got by showing disgusting wicket-keeping in Tests in Sri Lanka in 2008, as he lost his place in the Patthiv Patel in the final Test series.

He did well in the unbeaten Champions Trophy campaign in India in 2013, starting with 200 in the warm-up games and his continued progress with the limited chances he got during the tournament. It was great to stay out of time, however, as Karthik went through some routine in form and lost his place on the sidelines. He got the touch in early 2014 and while MS Dhoni was releasing the 2014 Asia Cup, Karthik became famous and played in the middle class.

Karthik probably missed out on playing at a very high level during his senior season, like many other goalkeepers in Doni’s time. The final opening came after Dhoni’s retirement from Tests in late 2014, but Wriddhiman Saha was chosen ahead of him. With Saha’s almost perfect recovery after graduation and willowness, Karthik may have missed the bus with the whites, but his batting ability kept him on the edge of the Indian ODI side. His performance at the home level remains consistent and he continues to be a player playing the quintessential role in India; a person who has not been able to consistently produce enough work to establish his or her identity at a high level, but has always been useful when taken.

IPL over the years

Dinesh Karthik’s struggle to break the fringes did not affect his IPL career as he was selected for the first IPL program by Delhi Daredevils for about 2.4 crores (525,000 USD). However, Karthik did not do enough justice for his talent as he collected only 145 runs from eight innings. UDD however managed to get into the semis. After another two years in the Delhi refrigerator, Karthik moved to the 2011 King XI Punjab of the genre.

A fee of 900,000 USD was paid for the services of Dinesh Karthik by the Punjab franchise. But 282 runs from 13 innings were enough for the Punjab to cut the play-offs. This led to the transfer of the following season and the Mumbai Indians bought him 12.5 crores.

2013 was Dinesh’s year of wasting water as he hit 510 runs from 19 innings in a victory campaign in Mumbai. But even that was not enough in Mumbai to keep their set number 3 of that kind.

The next three seasons saw Dinesh Karthik’s shares in the IPL measure the pattern of the saw. In 2014, DD bought its services for 10.5 crores and in 2015 saw the RCB put it in a pocket with 12.5 crores unusual. But the runs did not come smoothly and his shares fell. In year ,2016 see him play for a fourth team in four years in the way of the newly formed Gujarat Lions team.

But 2018 bought good news and good form for the Tamil Nadu man as he was selected to lead the KKR and was bought at 7.4 crores before the 2018 IPL. Karthik has taken on the role of finisher on his side and has done justice to it with some solid values under the order.